Here Are The 7 Songs ITZY Say Always Help To Cheer Them Up

Are any of these your go-to tracks?

ITZY recently appeared on Seventeen‘s YouTube Channel and answered 17 questions ranging from how to deal with heartbreak, beauty tips, and more. One of the questions was which songs the members listen to that make cheer them up!

With a bit of self-promo and some amazing tracks, here is a look at the seven songs that cheer ITZY up!


Yuna explained that this song reminds her of their fans, MIDZY, and when she thinks of them, she feels happy because she gains a lot of cheerful energy. It was also their debut song which would bring back many happy memories.

2. Time Of Our Life by DAY6

After a bit of IZTY, Ryujin also looked closer to home with fellow JYP Entertainment group DAY6 and their track “Time Of Our Life.” Along with a group rendition of the track, they explained how upbeat and cheerful the song is.

3. “Mafia In The Morning” by ITZY

Lia also took the opportunity to promote their recent single “Mafia In The Morning,” and there is no doubt why this would make them happy. Along with the upbeat tempo, it is a song that the girls all put a lot of work into, which should also make them proud.

4. “Love Of Your Life” by Raye

Away from the world of K-Pop, Chaeryeong picked “Love Of Your Life” by Raye. Fans even got treated to a snippet of the song. There seemed to be a theme of positivity and love within all of these songs that would undoubtedly make you smile.



5. “MIDZY” by ITZY

Yeji was next and picked a series of three stand-out songs by ITZY. The first was “MIDZY,” and it is no secret why she chose it. Their fans mean so much to them and, like “DALLA DALLA,” thinking of them will no doubt be able to make them smile.

6. “Be In Love” by ITZY

“Be In Love” is another track written with their fans in mind, and MIDZY even helped make the music video for the song. With its uptempo beat and energy, it is no doubt a song ITZY and their fans cannot listen to without smiling.

7. “Nobody Like You” by ITZY

The final track picked by Yeji was another upbeat track by the group with their track “Nobody Like You.” There is no doubt that the fun selfie cam video brings back memories for the group and makes MIDZY smile whenever they hear it!

Source: Seventeen and FI


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