7 Thirst Traps Of BTS V That Are Forever Tattooed On ARMYs’ Minds

Pandora’s Box got nothing on this list.

September 8, 2022, will be forever remembered as the day that changed ARMYs’ lives forever. It is the day when V of BTS posted this shirtless back shot on his Instagram and almost wiped out half of the fandom with the force of the sudden attack.

But this is not his first offense of this kind. Though all BTS members have dabbled in the area of thirst trapping more or less, V seems to enjoy it significantly more than the others. Even before March 20agram days, the second youngest of BTS has had his share of fun teasing ARMYs with his sexy snaps on Weverse.

Since ARMYs are still recovering from his most recent attack, what better way to fuel the fire than revisit his top 7 thirst traps to date?

1. March 14, 2019

This is arguably the origin of V’s current repertoire of shirtless selfies. He came to Twitter, posted this picture in relation to a previous Tweet made by co-member RM, and left the ARMY land to fend for itself like it’s no big deal.

2. January 27, 2020

| Weverse

This is where V took the teasing to the next level and started to post these extremely thirst-trappy-thirst-traps that he would then delete after a short while. Thank the technology gods for making humans invent screenshots.

3. March 20, 2020

He went with a direct approach this time and announced to ARMYs that he will be deleting the picture within 30 seconds. Later, he posted another photo, telling them that he was reading through all the posts about this picture. Talk about flirting.

4. December 6, 2021

When the BTS members started their individual Instagram accounts, something shifted in the universe. While ARMYs were trying their best to cope with this unannounced milestone event, V posted not one but two back-to-back thirst posts to inaugurate his Instagram, one on his story and the other as a post.

| @thv/Instagram

5. March 8, 2022

| @thv/Instagram

Back then, it was still Winter in South Korea. V came on Weverse and gave ARMYs a sweet reminder to stay warm and avoid catching a cold. Then he closed the app, opened Instagram, and posted a shirtless story. Moments like these let you know he knows what he is doing.

6. June 16, 2022

| @thv/Instagram

If you think you have mastered the skill of soft thirst traps, you could still use a lesson or two from V. He posted this picture on his Instagram story after BTS’s M Countdown performance, seemingly offering a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of his outfit change. It took a second to settle in that he was shirtless in this picture, and as one would imagine, fans were dropping like flies the next moment.

7. July 9, 2022

| Weverse

July 9 is officially recognized in the BTS fandom as ARMY day since, on this day, the fandom got its name in 2013. V took this opportunity to offer his heartfelt gift to fans, dropped this selfie on Weverse to wish ARMYs, and expected the world to move on. Spoiler alert: people certainly did not move on.