7 Times BIBI Was Too Bad*ss For K-Pop To Handle

Yes, she really did throw condoms.

Korean singer-songwriter BIBI is known for her fun and free spirit, something that makes watching her perform truly an experience. She does not fit the traditional mold of K-Pop artists and that is something we love about her!

BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram

Here are some of BIBI’s most bad*ss moments:

1. Unfiltered With Her Thoughts

BIBI’s Twitter and Instagram username “@nakedbibi” is an honest representation of her unfiltered and “naked” personality. She’s not afraid to let loose her honest thoughts from her love of tequila…


These are few of @nakedbibi’s favorite thiinggss 🎶 #AsianHeritageMonth #HotCheetos

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…to her “strong” emotions about Doja Cat and her toes. Swearing while on live is also something BIBI does not shy away from!

2. Not Shying Away From Showing Violence

In her music video for Kazino, BIBI infiltrates a gambling ring to save a girl and, despite looking gorgeous throughout the MV, does not hold out on the realness. Drinking, smoking, and some graphic depictions of violence bring together the image BIBI intended for this MV.


3. Locking Lips

BIBI is not one to shy away from showing “direct” appreciation to her fans. At 88rising’s 2021 Head in the Clouds Festival (HITC), she hopped off the stage during her set and proceeded to kiss a fan on the lips.

BIBI was announced as part of the 2022 HITC line-up and even teased that there might be a round two to this iconic moment.

4. Throwing Condoms

BIBI famously threw condoms into the crowd during her performance of “She Got It (Cigarette and Condom)” at HITC 2021. This happened during the same set where she kissed the female fan on the lips!


5. Handling Wardrobe Malfunctions Like A Pro

BIBI was recently part of the amazing 2022 WATERBOMB Festival line-up. BIBI entered the stage with a white t-shirt and denim skirt combination that was sexy in and of itself but stepped it up a notch by taking off her shirt and revealing a bikini top underneath.

She quickly noticed that the back of the top had come undone and made her way over to have her top tied back up by one of her backup dancers and a staff member. BIBI went right back into her performance as though nothing happened.

Nothing seems to phase BIBI and that is so bad*ass!


#2 on this list established that BIBI does not hold back in her music videos. However, the music video and lyrics for her track “BAD SAD AND MAD” from her album go beyond the ordinary.

The music video has a BDSM aesthetic and features BIBI in a latex body suit with chains around her neck being tugged around by a faceless person.


The song has a sultry feel and features lyrics like “Pet me pet me” and “Spank me with ties” that give a clear picture of the message of the song. BIBI appears to be singing the lyrics “You’re the one who can fill up what I lack” to the one pulling the chain (and the viewers).

7. THE Lap Dance

BIBI recently performed her new song “Best Lover” at Korea University’s 2022 KUrescendo Festival. She brought up a fan on stage and proceeded to make him the envy of the internet. After some small talk, BIBI began to give the man a lap dance!

| KTN고려대학교TV방송국/YouTube

She even took his hand and put it on her as she danced. He was not sure of how to react and we cannot blame him!

What are some of your favorite BIBI moments?