7 Times BTS Recreated Popular Memes In 2022 Without Even Realizing

Art imitates life, indeed.

Among the many talents of BTS, being funny comes to them the most effortlessly. Whether it is a variety show, a concert, or simply a live-stream broadcast, the members are always gifting fans with hilarious moments, most of the time, unknowingly.

While the saga of BTS recreating popular memes in real life is unending, this year alone, they have done it multiple times. Here are seven highlights:

1. When Jungkook won a meet-and-greet with a fan:

| Twitter

The picture surfaced on the internet around August this year. The OP(original poster) shared the picture with a caption saying, “I clicked a picture with Jungkook yesterday.” The relaxed demeanor of the guy compared to the giddy expression of Jungkook immediately felt familiar to ARMYs, and now we know why.

2. Jin Reynolds and Jimin Lively

| Weverse

Jin learned the art of iconic birthday wishes from the best.

3. When Jungkook was too busy blocking out the haters:

| Weverse
| knowyourmemes.com

He said this game is between me and my corn ice cream only.

4. The RUN BTS reunion looked awfully familiar:

What’s better than two best friends? Three.

5. Suga living the courtside rich wife dream:

Now, this just needs to manifest into an actual Adele-Prod Suga project.

6. It had to be the goodest boys of BTS too:

| Pinterest
| Pinterest

Jungkook looks like he sensed trouble, while Jimin looks like he caused it.

7. Jimin got no clue what’s going on:


That drone camera randomly swooshing inside the fake train on stage and catching Jimin’s hilarious side eye will always be a core memory of every ARMY from the Busan concert.

Never a dull day being a BTS fan!


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