7 Times BTS’s Suga Rejected His Members’ Hugs…And 7 Times He Didn’t

Because he has two moods 😂

One of life’s greatest joys is watching Suga completely ignore or reject the other BTS members. It becomes even more hilarious when the members undauntedly continue to express their affection—case in point, almost every time they try to embrace him.

Here are 7 times Suga rejected their hugs and 7 more times he didn’t!

1. When V went in for a one-arm hug…

2. And didn’t learn his lesson

3. When J-Hope tried to embrace Suga but he wouldn’t have it

4. When Suga cringed at RM’s skinship

5. When Jungkook made Suga uncomfortable

6. And when he did it again

7. When Suga finally allowed V to hug him, but he was still disgusted afterwards

Of course, that’s not to say that Suga doesn’t gladly reciprocate the hugs at times. Whenever he does, it’s an adorable sight!

1. When Jungkook attacked Suga with a hug

2. And happily backhugged him, too

3. When Jimin demonstrated his love for Suga

4. When J-Hope looked as if Suga was his world

5. When Suga sat on Jimin’s lap and allowed himself to be held

6. When Suga actually looked happy to be hugged by Jungkook

7. Finally, when it was a natural reaction for Jin and Suga to embrace

Whether or not Suga reciprocates his members’ hugs, we all know how much he loves them!