7 Times Female Taurus K-Pop Idols Were True To Their Zodiac Sign

If you’re a Taurus, you’re likely to relate.

Tauruses are frequently described as devoted, loyal, determined, kind, and grounded. While this isn’t always true for people who share the birth sign, these female K-Pop idols showcased some of the funny and heartwarming traits of a Taurus.

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With Taurus season coming to a close, here’s a look at seven female K-Pop idols who share this zodiac sign and the moments they made it obvious.

1. TWICE’s Chaeyoung (April 23, 1999)

In 2019, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung appeared alongside fellow members Dahyun and Tzuyu on the Korean variety show Battle Trip. The members raced each other on go-karts for a part of the show, and Chaeyoung showed her competitive side. Tauruses are regarded as one of the most competitive zodiac signs, and Chaeyoung hilariously proved that when she easily bypassed a struggling Tzuyu to take the win.

The members reacted to the footage and couldn’t help but crack up when Chaeyoung yelled to Tzuyu to check on her while zooming past.

2. Kep1er’s Chaehyun (April 26, 2002)

In February of this year, the talented rookie idol group Kep1er sat down for a question and answer segment. The members were presented with questions and then asked to point out the member who related to it the most. When it came to who the perfectionist of the group was, there was a tie between members Chaehyun and Dayeon.

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Member Yeseo shared that Chaehyun and Dayeon don’t stop what they’re doing until they achieve the perfect result. While Tauruses are not typically described as perfectionists, they are considered hardworking and dedicated, which Chaehyun shows in seeking perfection.

3. EXID’s Hani (May 1, 1992)

During an episode of EXID‘s 2015 documentary series, EXID’s Showtime, the members share the ways they relieve stress. Members LE and Solji shared that they relieve stress by sleeping, but often found it difficult to find the time to get the rest that they need. Hani agreed that she greatly valued her sleep and shockingly shared she once slept 17 hours straight.

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Tauruses are often described as sleep-lovers and are known to value the time they get to sleep greatly. Hani definitely fits this description, maybe to an extreme!

4. Oh My Girl’s Mimi (May 1, 1992)

When the common traits of a Taurus are discussed, stubbornness and love of food are often mentioned. Not only do they love food, but they’re also often good at cooking! Tauruses are also known to be nurturing to their loved ones, and both of these traits were shown by Oh My Girl‘s Mimi.


On their reality series ILogU Oh My Girl, members Mimi and Arin were shown cooking dinner for their fellow members and helping to serve them their plates. The members were not shy about complimenting Mimi’s cooking, to her delight, showing her nurturing side and skill for cooking.

5. Sunmi (May 2, 1992)

Tauruses are often determined and Sunmi is no exception. When she was a guest on an episode of Radio Star, she told the story of how hate comments actually inspire her. One particular hate comment compared her performances to the “exorcism of a shaman.”

She initially mistook that as a compliment, thinking it meant her performances were entrancing. She realized that the comment was not meant in that context and let the hate comment inspire her choreography for her song “LALALAY.” This showed her determination to prove those who doubt her wrong.

6. AKMU’s Suhyun (May 4, 1999)

Tauruses are known to be patient and can be described as wise beyond their years. AKMU (also known as Akdong Musician) debuted under YG Entertainment in April of 2014. At the time, Suhyun was just 14 years old. Growing up in the spotlight can be difficult, but Suhyun has done so with grace, as she displayed in a thought-provoking response to a hateful comment she received.

AKMU’s Suhyun Responds With Love Rather Than Hate After Being Told To “F*ck Off”

Suhyun responded to the hate comment with concern for the poster and a lesson that if they continue to leave comments like the one they did, it will only continue to impact them negatively. She even told them they were too precious to be leaving such comments. Suhyun could have easily called the commenter out, but she took the opportunity to ask the poster to reflect instead, showing her mature wisdom.

7. Lee Hyori (May 10, 1979)

Tauruses are known to be sentimental at heart. Lee Hyori heartbreakingly showcased just how sentimental and caring she is when she honored the life of her recently passed dog, Soon-Shim, through a farewell documentary. She created the video to show their shared love and to help others who have experienced the loss of their animal companions. She returned to her old home in Jeju, where they shared many of their beloved memories.

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Hyori also revealed why she and her husband moved to Jeju Island. In the video, she shared she visited Jeju one time, and her pets loved it so much that she and her husband were determined to move there.

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