Here Are The 7 Undeniable Reasons BTS’s Jungkook Is The Perfect K-Pop Idol

Yeah, he’s perfect.

BTS‘s Jungkook is the golden maknae, we know. He earned himself that nickname by being out-of-this-world amazing. Nothing else better describes him than “golden”, that’s for sure. But ICYDK – here are the 7 undeniable reasons that make Jungkookie the perfect K-Pop idol.

1. Vocals

Jungkook is the main vocalist in the group. Hence, his talent in singing is at the top of the list. His angelic voice, unshaken by even the most intense choreography, is what makes him golden and so stan-able.

2. Rap Potential

And as the sub-rapper, Jungkook can also drop some mean rhymes. When he’s rapping, Jungkook gives off a whole another level of awesomeness than when he’s singing. This multiplayer duality definitely makes him remarkable in the K-Pop scene.

3. Dance Moves

Jungkook often steals center in the choreography – not only because he has the stunning visuals that deserve to shine in the middle – but also because he knows how to move his body right. His dance moves, powerful yet gracefully controlled, could actually be a solid one-and-only reason to stan Jungkook.

4. Stage Presence

With all three of the above combined, from his voice to his moves, Jungkook has a stage presence that is simply unrivaled. He glows on stage – all the while harmonizing effortlessly with the rest of BTS members. The way he leads and follows the team on stage is almost mesmerizing to watch.

5. Visuals

Of course, Jungkook – when not conquering the world one stage at a time – is a total UWU. He oozes with aegyo, regardless of whether he’s trying to or not, and ARMYs can never get enough of this off-the-stage, not-so-hardcore Jungkook. With his bunny-like visuals, Jungkook is hopping his way into everyone’s hearts!

6. Physique

Over the years with BTS, Jungkook has gone through an incredible transformation in building his physique. He has always been in good shape, but his current figure is crazy good. In case you haven’t already – here is Jungkook thirst-trapping everyone with his physique.

7. Attitude

Introducing Jungkook: [Please Tell Us Why You’re The Best] I’m sorry, but… I’m a… humble person… and I have a long way to go! I’m not enough!

Being this amazing, Jungkook would have more than all the rights to be proud and confident. He is, however, unbelievably humble in his ways and this humility has never changed since his debut days. Jungkook is always so self-aware, making room for more improvements. The more successful he becomes, the more humble he gets in his ways. And fans can’t love him enough for his A+ attitude!


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