7 Unedited Photos Of “Running Man” Actress Song Ji Hyo’s Stunning IRL Visuals

She’s the visual queen of “Running Man!”

Song Ji Hyo is a world-class actress best known for being a part of the main cast of the variety series Running Man for over a decade. On the show, she’s known for her bravery and insane good luck, earning her the nickname of “ace,” but what’s rarely mentioned is her unbelievable IRL (in real life) beauty! See seven unedited photos that showcase Song Ji Hyo’s gorgeous natural visuals below.

1. The actress rocks the red carpet in all-white.

Many fans discovered Ji Hyo through Running Man, but her primary job is still as an actress. She looks stunning at her movie events, like when she rocked a pure white outfit while promoting Intruder! The film grossed over $4,200,000 USD despite being released at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Her charms are undeniable!

She exuded lead actress energy while at another press conference for Intruder.

3. She knows how to make casual look good too.

At the premiere of Will You Be There in 2016, Ji Hyo surprised fans and the press by appearing in a more casual outfit, but her beauty remained undiminished.

4. Ji Hyo looks incredible as a brand ambassador.

Many companies would die to sponsor her!

5. The transition to short hair only boosted her beauty.

The actress received mixed reactions when she revealed her new hairstyle in November 2021, but she committed to the look and convinced everyone that she could make any style work!

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

6. She’s also an Instagram queen.

Ji Hyo looks excellent even in the photos of her friends. She’s also proven to have a perfect sense of choosing the best pictures to upload to her social media!

Ji Suk Jin (left) and Song Ji Hyo (right) | @jeeseokjin/Instagram

7. Song Ji Hyo is the visual queen of “Running Man!”

She still looked terrific while filming the physically demanding variety series!

| @sbs_runningman_sbs/Instagram

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