Here Are 8 Of BTS J-Hope’s Most Unique And Expensive Bags

Did you see his bags? 🎶

BTS‘s J-Hope is known for his impeccable fashion sense and personal style. From his MV looks to his airport fashion, he always looks stunning!

One accessory J-Hope is rarely seen without is a bag and he’s been spotted wearing a variety of interesting and pricy selections from a number of different luxury brands. Check out some of the most unique and expensive bags below!

1. Elephant Pocket – LOEWE

This cute bag was first noticed by fans when the BTS with Chris Martin YouTube Originals was released. J-Hope owns this Elephant Pocket bag in the color avocado green. This is one of the “cheaper” bags he owns and can be purchased for 790 USD in nine different colors.

2. Transparent Tote – A-COLD-WALL

J-Hope’s entire look this day is a huge fan favorite as it embodied his carefree and fun attitude. While the transparent tote by A-COLD-WALL only cost around 250 USD, the contents of the bag, including a 250 USD Balenciaga lanyard, brought this part of his look up to well over 850 USD.

3. Shop Bag with Kermit the Frog Toy – READYMADE

This READYMADE Shop Bag and Kermit Toy are actually two separate pieces. J-Hope has shown off his affinity for Kermit in a tour of his KAWS collection, so it’s no surprise he styled the bag this way! The shop bag was available for sale at 2900 USD and the toy at 565 USD. 

4. Messenger Green – Chanel X Pharrell Williams

The Chanel X Pharell Williams collection was released in March 2019 and J-Hope was seen not too long after sporting the green messenger bag. The collection was praised for being gender-neutral and fits right into J-Hope’s fashion aesthetic. The Messager bag was available for approximately 7161 USD, but will run you much more on resell sites now.


5. Doll Khaki Canvas Satchel – READYMADE

Another from the READYMADE brand, this unique bag resembles a rag doll and features arms and legs. This satchel sold for around 3250 USD but is no longer available for sale.

6. Louis Vuitton Fortune Cookie Clutch

This Louis Vuitton Fortune Cookie Clutch is one of the more unique bags that J-Hope owns.  He apparently was able to get his hands on it before it was made available to the general public! The bag was featured in the Spring-Summer 2023 Louis Vuitton Show in Paris and is estimated to cost around 1500 USD. What’s even more unique about this bag is that each one comes with a different fortune attached to it!

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

6. Hope Backpack – Fendi

This Fendi backpack seems it was specially made for J-Hope! The red backpack is colorful and features the word “HOPE” on the front pocket. It retails at 1980 USD and is also available in a smaller clutch size.

7. SUPREME x Louis Vuitton

The SUPREME x Louis Vuitton collab was a must-have for fans of the LV brand. J-Hope, known for his love of streetwear, made sure to cop not one but two colors of the Danube crossbody. While the bags retailed for 2410 USD a piece, they are now double the price on resell sites.

J-Hope (left) wearing the Supreme X Louis Vuitton Danube crossbody. | @bts_twt/Twitter

8. LV x NIGO Duck Bag

What is arguably the cutest bag in his collection, J-Hope’s duck-shaped Louis Vuitton bag is a fan favorite for its adorable shape and stylish appearance. J-Hope further customized the bag by wrapping a bandana from the LV Made Bandana Set around the strap of the bag. The bag retailed at 4450 USD but is currently not in stock.

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