Inside The Edgy World Of BTS J-Hope’s Alternative “MORE” Fashion

Check out everything you need to know about his new style.

BTS‘s J-Hope is not only blending music genres in his latest solo single “MORE,” he’s also blending alternative fashion with his own signature style — and fans are loving every minute of it!

Most notably, J-Hope rocks custom jumpsuits from 99%IS- in both black and white, following the theme of Jack In The Box‘s monochromatic fashion: Black and white shoes, nails, and (most) accessories.

| @99percentis/Instagram

The badass jumpsuits may remind fans of bands like Slipknot and their iconic stage outfits stemming from the 90s.

| @from1percent_official/Instagram

J-Hope shows off his rockstar charisma in the two opposite looks.

Down to the details, his unique style shines through.

With custom jewelry from brands like frica, he sports a variety of dark metal pieces.

| @fricajewelry/Instagram

The only pop of color comes from his green accessories from VEERT.

| @bts_stylish/Twitter

The band also wears custom jumpsuits, playing instruments in unnervingly realistic Zombie-inspired makeup that wouldn’t feel out of place in the background of a Green Day music video.

| @from1percent_official/Instagram

For lovers of alternative style with both a modern twist and nostalgic flare, J-Hope’s “MORE” music video is serious eye candy!

Check out the full music video below.