8 Celebrities Who Got Married Before Fans Even Knew What Was Happening

These celebrities were able to keep it a secret until their wedding days!

For Korean celebrities, dating is taboo. So much so, that it is often kept a secret until the news is leaked by tabloids and media outlets. Some stars, however, are able to keep their relationships successfully under wraps. Let’s take a look at a couple of celebrities who were so successful, that nobody knew about their relationship until they got married.


1. Kim Min Seo

Actress Kim Min Seo, best known for her roles in Good Doctor, Moon Embracing the Sun, and Witch at Court, caught everyone off guard when marriage plans to her non-celebrity boyfriend were revealed. Nobody even knew she had a boyfriend before the wedding was announced. The two will tie the knot in May after a year of dating.


2. Park Eun Ji

The fact that TV personality Park Eun Ji got married to her Korean-American office worker boyfriend came as a surprise to everyone. During their year of dating, nobody had any idea the two were even together. Although she started her career as an MBC weather forecaster, Park Eun Ji is best known for hosting various beauty shows, and starring in the drama Jealousy Incarnate.


3. Choi Ji Woo

When actress Choi Ji Woo revealed her wedding plans, even her agency (YG Entertainment) was caught off guard. The Winter Sonata actress kept her relationship with her boyfriend under wraps because he is not a celebrity. Fans only learned of her marriage after Choi Ji Woo uploaded a hand-written letter on the day of her wedding.


4. Roh Jihoon

The news of Birth of a Great Star finalist Roh Jihoon getting engaged to his model girlfriend Lee Eun Hye was surprising enough, but the fact that the two are also pregnant blind-sided everyone. The two were friends for 6 years before they started dating.


5. Moon Hee Jun x Soyul

Because H.O.T.‘s Moon Hee Jun and Crayon Pop‘s Soyul only dated for 6 weeks before getting married, there was no time for rumors to leak. The two even started a family right away by giving birth to a healthy baby daughter just months after their wedding!


6. Bae Yong Jun x Park Soo Jin

Actor Bae Yong Jun and his wife, singer/actress Park Soo Jin, are happily married now, but it wasn’t always good news for the couple. Since fans were so caught off guard by the sudden engagement announcement of the two, many netizens started spreading rumors about their relationship. It looks like a happy ending for the two, however, as the couple has just welcomed their baby daughter into the world.


7. Seo Taiji x Lee Eun Sung

Fans of Seo Taiji were still recovering from his controversial past marriage when the news was announced that he would be marrying his actress girlfriend Lee Eun Sung. The two had met while filming Seo Taiji’s music video for “Bermuda Triangle,” and secretly dated for 3 years before announcing their engagement. The two were happily married in 2013 and have a daughter together.


8. Haha x Byul

Haha and Byul were friends for 6 years before they started dating. They kept their relationship such a secret that not even their friends knew they were dating until the couple announced their engagement in 2012. The two have been happily married ever since and have 2 children together.