8 Of HyunA’s Outfits That Were Too Sexy For Critics To Handle

HyunA makes a statement in these bold looks🔥🔥

Since her debut, HyunA has inspired many with her confidence and style, staying true to herself no matter what anybody says.

HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

She is known for sometimes pushing “boundaries” with what she wears, and looking incredible each time.

Here are 8 times HyunA wore an outfit that was too sexy for critics to handle.

1. Triple H’s “Retro Future” on SBS’s The Show in 2018

HyunA was part of the trio sub-unit Triple H with Pentagon‘s Hui and former Pentagon member E’Dawn (now professionally known as DAWN).

During the performance of their song “Retro Future,” HyunA wore an outfit that was criticized by Korean netizens for looking “shaman-like.”

The vintage-chic outfit looked incredible on HyunA, who confidently nailed her performance in the bright look.

2. 2019 Waterbomb Festival

Korea’s go-to annual water festival, Waterbomb Festival, is famous for its fun and interactive stages, as well as the sexy outfits worn by the performers.

Due to the nature of the show, performers often wear swimwear on stage. At the 2019 Waterbomb Festival in Seoul, HyunA’s outfit drew negative attention from netizens.

HyunA rocked a coordinating, trendy top and shorts set for her stage with the quote, “angel face, devil thoughts.”

HyunA wowed the audience with her natural-born charisma and fun performance during her stage.

3. “Under-boob” fashion

The “under-boob” fashion trend swept K-Pop earlier this year, with many idols joining in on the daring trend.

The rising trend drew criticism from netizens, who felt the look was too revealing. Others came to the defense of the trend, reminding haters “it’s not that serious.”

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

In May, HyunA joined the numerous idols who have worn the confident fashion trend. She rocked it in a cropped oxford shirt and baggy jeans.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

4. 2018 United Cube Concert One

During CUBE Entertainment‘s 2018 United Cube Concert One, HyunA again left the audience stunned when she lifted her see-through dress in front of the audience.

5. 2019 Korea Aerospace University Festival

During her performance of her hit song “Bubble Pop’ at the 2019 Korea Aerospace University Festival, HyunA wore a graphic sweatshirt over a silk dress, which was fashioned into a skirt.

HyunA at the 2019 Korea Aerospace University Festival

Midway through her performance of “Bubble Pop,” HyunA again surprisingly lifts her dress and briefly shows her undergarments to the audience.

Netizens immediately took issue with the unexpected display, but HyunA had the most iconic response. She shared that the crowd had been drinking and the atmosphere was lively and carefree, so online haters should relax and not care about it.

6. Midnight Picnic Festival 2018

In 2018, HyunA performed some of her hit songs at the Midnight Picnic Festival. The idol started her performance in a yellow crop top and trendy, baggy jeans.

Before performing her final two songs, “Red” and “Bubble Pop,” HyunA unexpectedly took off her crop top and performed in just a bra.

HyunA looked like she was having a blast, performing in a fun, carefree way on stage.

7. Troublemaker’s “Now” Concept Photos

Troublemaker was a duo group formed by HyunA when she was in 4MINUTE, and her then-labelmate, former BEAST member Hyunseung.

The duo was known for their spicy concept and undeniable chemistry.

Hyunseung (left) and HyunA (right) | Cube Entertainment

During the photoshoot for their second single, “Now,” the concept drew criticism as HyunA posed in a blazer with only her bra and underwear underneath.

HyunA effortlessly embraced the sexy look and flawlessly pulled off the concept.

8. Unique Crop Top

In April, HyunA wore a unique crop top made of New Balance shoes. The crop top paired with the cut-out sweatpants perfectly accentuated her gorgeous figure.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram
| @hyunah_aa/Instagram


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