8 K-Pop Songs Fans Think Sound Better In A Different Language

#6 is a regular banger.

In a recent post on the popular K-Pop subreddit, Reddit users discussed which K-Pop songs they felt sound better in a language other than what the song was first released in.

Here is a list of the most mentioned songs in no particular order:

1. “Love Talk” by WayV (English Version)

As the Chinese subunit of the NCT brand, WayV has released plenty of bangers in Mandarin.  A few weeks after the release of Take Over The Moon, the group released the English version of “Love Talk” as a single with an accompanying music video.

I can’t think of any line more iconic than “romantic” YangYang‘s “I just want you to make it clap.”

2.”Domino” – Stray Kids (English Version)

“Domino” was initially released on Stray Kids Oddinary album in Korean. When the English version was announced for the Christmas EveL soundtrack, many fans worried how slang and references would transfer to the new version. Rapper Junoflo alongside members Bangchan and Felix helped to make the English version as great as it is.

3. “The Boys” – Girls’ Generation (English Version)

Girls’ Generation released The Boys as a regular Korean album in September 2011 before a special US edition of the album was released a month later. This version contained four remixes of T”he Boys” including an English version and a version featuring Snoop Dogg!

4. “Play It Cool” – Monsta X (with Steve Aoki) (English Version)

Before their full English album release, MONSTA X released both “Shoot Out” and “Play It Cool” English versions as separate singles, independent of each respective Korean album. “Play It Cool” is a cool sexy track that definitely foreshadowed the vibe of All About Luv.

5. “Scientist” – TWICE (Japanese Version)

TWICE first released “Scientist” as the title track of their album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 following their English single “The Feels.” The Japanese version of “Scientist” was released nearly six months later. Fans took note of the Japanese version’s lower register and think that makes the song sound that much better!

6. “Regular” – NCT127 (English Version)

NCT127 released their first full album Regular-Irregular in October 2018, with both a Korean and English version of the title track “Regular.” Each version received a music video, but fans love the boastful lyrics of the English version. Currently, the English version has nearly 50 million more streams on Spotify than the Korean version.

7.  “Lullaby” – GOT7 (Spanish Version)

When GOT7 released their third full album, Present:You fans were excited to see not just one alternative version of the title track “Lullaby”, but three! The track was released in Mandarin, English, and Spanish in addition to Korean. When GOT7 performed the song during their 2019 KEEP SPINNING World Tour show in Mexico City, fans sang the Spanish version!

8. “Star” – LOONA (English Version)

LOONA released “Star” as the English version of the title track “Voice.” The song was sent to US radios and made Loona the second girl group to make an appearance on the Billboard Pop Airplay chart!

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