Here Are 8 Male K-Pop Groups Who Can Perfectly Pull Off A Sporty Concept

It might be time to try a sport!

When it comes to K-Pop, one of the most distinct parts of the industry are the concepts idols and groups have when they perform. Whether in the music video or on stage, these concepts give the performances a unique twist to them, allowing fans an insight into the story of their song.

One which isn’t used as much but still gains a lot of love from fans is the sporty concept. From baseball, basketball, and hockey, here are eight male idol groups who perfectly pulled off the sporty concept.

1. EXO’s “Love Me Right”

In 2015, EXO stole fan’s hearts with their track “Love Me Right.” Many also say that they are the group that pulls off the sports concept the best in their American football uniforms. The video is fun, bright, and proves that EXO can make anything and everything look good!

| SM Entertainment

2. BTS’s “As I Told You (Cover)”

Although BTS didn’t release a song with a sports concept, their cover of Kim Sung Jae‘s “As I Told You” proved that the members could pull off any look. Dressed in hockey uniforms, all the members look effortless, dancing high energy choreography in usually heavy outfits.

| MBCkpop/YouTube

3. NCT U’s “90’s Love”

NCT U’s “90s Love” is another example of a K-Pop group channeling their inner athletes with their hockey-themed video. With their bright smiles and fresh looks, the members look like they’re having so much fun wearing the brightly colored uniforms.

| SM Entertainment

4. THE BOYZ’s “Christmassy”

Although only Juyeon can be seen in full sportswear, it doesn’t make the concept any less applicable. The music video for the groups’ video “Christmassy” exudes sports vibes and there is no denying that any The B (THE BOYZ fans) would accept flowers from them.

| THE BOYZ/YouTube

5. Golden Child’s “DamDaDi”

Golden Child’s debut track “DamDaDi” was the perfect way to start the groups’ career with a clean and sporty concept. From the school gym to the baseball field, the members all look fresh in their uniforms. The song is catchy, the dance addictive, and the concept suits the members to a tee.

| woolliment/YouTube

6. PENTAGON’s “Humph”

Starting in a school setting, PENTAGON also shine on the baseball field. With the different members competing in teams, there is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition. It’s even better if some good old uptempo choreography follows it. Combine it with a cute storyline and catchy lyrics; it was always bound to be a home run.

| PENTAGON 펜타곤 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube

7. TXT’s “Drama (Japanese Ver.)”

Inspired by the Japanese manga series Haikyu!!, TXT exudes freshness in the Japanese version of their track “Drama.” Set on the volleyball court, the members look energetic and youthful in their uptempo and catchy track that was released last year.


8. iKON’s “Rhythm Ta”

With a more urban feel, iKON took their fans to the basketball court with their 2016 track “Rhythm Ta.” The members proved that it is possible to look cool, calm, and collected in matching red and black uniforms. Whether in the streets or on the court, “Rhythm Ta” is enough to make anyone want to try basketball.

| iKON/YouTube
Source: FI and FI
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