8 Precious Moments From ATEEZ Mingi’s First Solo VLIVE Back

All eyes on Mingi!

ATINYs all around the world have been celebrating ever since KQ Entertainment announced Mingi‘s return to ATEEZ. Even though he’s officially been back for only a few days, the rapper has already made appearances in ATEEZ’s 1000th Day Selca Video for “If Without You” as well the group’s live zoom call on July 19.

Therefore, ATINYs were absolutely ecstatic on July 20 when they received VLIVE notifications with the title, “Did You Eat? ATINY!!!” and upon clicking it were greeted with a smiling Mingi!

So for anyone who missed it, (and those who just want to see Mingi’s adorable face) here are 8 of the most precious moments from his first solo VLIVE back:

1. When He Greeted New ATINY

While Mingi was on hiatus since November 2020, ATEEZ continued to stay busy by promoting their latest album Zero: Fever Part.2 and participating in the competition show Kingdom: Legendary War. During this period, ATEEZ gained a lot of new fans who had yet to see Mingi in real-time. So, Mingi decided to do a special introduction just for them!

2. When He Laughed Like *This*

After learning about Mingi’s struggles both physically and mentally, ATINY were overjoyed to see him laugh so brightly and genuinely during the livestream. Just look at his radiant glow!

3. When He Made The Mingi Heart

For years, Mingi has had a signature face heart pose that he does at fansigns as well as many other events. Seeing him make it was a direct shot to the heart of every ATINY watching!

4. When He Did The “Fireworks” Rap

Even though there still hasn’t been a full-on OT8 performance of the songs from ATEEZ’s newest album, ATINYs got an amazing teaser when Mingi did part of his rap from the title track “Fireworks”!

5. When He Fluffed His Hair

Mingi is already considered by many to be perfect boyfriend material, and this hair flip only further sealed the deal! Even late at night with no makeup on, Mingi continues to look gorgeous.

6. When He Showed Off His Bracelets

Mingi was straight up stylin’ during the stream, wearing a cool black t-shirt with zipper accents as well as unique bracelets on both arms! Part way through, Mingi showed them off to ATINY with a few little shakes followed by a giggle!

7. When He Said “Fix On!”

Mingi’s catchphrase “Fix On!” (meaning that the audience should lock on their ears to the sound of his rap) makes an appearance in a majority of ATEEZ’s songs. Therefore, ATINY were practically in tears when he said it not once, but twice in a row!

8. When He Waved Goodbye

All good things must come to an end, no matter how much you want them to last. So, when Mingi did have to leave, he told everyone that he loved them and even said an adorable “Bye bye~” in English while waving!

Are you excited to see Mingi back with ATEEZ again?