Mingi Makes His First MV Reappearance In ATEEZ’s 1000th Day Selca Video For “If Without You”


Late on July 18, KQ Entertainment made the long-awaited announcement that Mingi would be making his official return to ATEEZ!

The rapper went on hiatus back in November of last year in order to take care of his mental health, and since then, ATINYs have been patiently waiting for him to get the rest and care that he needed so he would be able to make a successful return to the group.


In KQ Entertainment’s letter to the public, they stated that Mingi had been participating in various schedules prior to his official return in order to make sure he was mentally and physically able to end his hiatus. After discussions with him, his parents, and his psychological counselor, it was determined that ATEEZ was ready to become a full group of eight members once more!

KQ Entertainment

But that’s not all that ATEEZ fans were treated with in the last day. July 19 marks the 1000th day since the group debuted, and in order to celebrate, they’ve been gifting fans with fun and exciting content!

They’ve also asked fans to stream “Wave” and “Dreamers” with them today, which has some fans wondering if a comeback is coming soon with a similar summery sort of concept!

Arguably most exciting, however, was the release of a special selfie music video for their song “If Without You”, which the members each filmed individually while they’ve been in quarantine after San tested positive for COVID-19. And unfortunately, while San himself could only be represented by a fan in the video, Mingi made his first reappearance since his hiatus for the very special gift to ATINYs!

Of course, fans were ecstatic to see him appear in new ATEEZ content so soon after the announcement of his return!

If you haven’t already, watch the sweet and adorable self-filmed music video below! Welcome back Mingi, we missed you so much!!


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