These Are The Only 8 Songs That Achieved Perfect All-Kills in 2020

Some of these tracks were literal record breakers.

As the charts change their requirements, Perfect All-Kills (simultaneous #1 rankings on all Korean real-time, daily, and weekly charts) are becoming harder to achieve. These are the only eight songs that managed to achieve PAKs this year.

1. BTS – “Dynamite”

Released on August 21, 2020, BTS’s “Dynamite” achieved 610 Perfect All-Kills. It’s the first and only song in Korean history to surpass 300 PAKs. Arguably one of the biggest songs in K-Pop history, “Dynamite” dominated the Korean charts just as much as it did on the US Billboard ranking.

| Big Hit Entertainment

2. BLACKPINK – “How You Like That”

Released on June 26, 2020, BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” achieved 12 Perfect All-Kills. Marking the group’s return to music after a 14-month hiatus, this song captured the general public for a long while.

| YG Entertainment

3. IU – “Eight” feat. Suga (BTS)

Released on May 6, 2020, IU’s “Eight” featuring BTS’s Suga achieved 134 Perfect All-Kills. Combining IU’s beautiful voice with Suga’s production and rap skills, this was definitely one of the biggest collabs of the year.

| Kakao M

4. IU – “Give You My Heart”

Released on February 15, 2020, IU’s “Give You My Heart” achieved 11 Perfect All-Kills. The song was an OST recording for the smash hit K-Drama tvN‘s Crash Landing on You.

| tvN

5. ZICO – “Any Song”

Released on January 13, 2020, ZICO’s “Any Song” achieved 330 Perfect All-Kills, and it was the first song of 2020 to score one. “Any Song” went on to receive three awards this year and Platinum certification for selling 100 million units in South Korea.

| KOZ Entertainment

6. SSAK3 – “Beach Again”

Released on July 25, 2020, SSAK3’s “Beach Again” achieved 208 Perfect All-Kills. It was also the fastest song to achieve a PAK this year, scoring its first in 37 hours. The SSAK3 supergroup (Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyo Ri, and Rain) was formed on MBC‘s Hangout with Yoo earlier this year.


7. Refund Sisters – “Don’t Touch Me”

Released on October 10, 2020, Refund Sisters’s “Don’t Touch Me” achieved 130 Perfect All-Kills. This makes Refund Sisters the first girl group in Korean history to surpass 100 PAKs on one song. Comprising MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, Jessi, Lee Hyo Ri, and Uhm Jung Hwa, Refund Sisters was the second supergroup formed on Hangout With You.


8. Miranni, Munchman, Khundi Panda, MUSHVENOM – “VVS” feat. JUSTHIS

Released on November 21, 2020, “VVS” feat. JUSTHIS by Miranni, Munchman, Khundi Panda, and MUSHVENOM achieved 126 Perfect All-Kills. The song was part of Show Me the Money‘s rap releases for season 9.

| Mnet
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