8 Of Taeyeon’s Most Legendary Performances That Prove She’s The Queen Of K-Pop

Some of her sexiest, coolest, and best performances.

Whether Taeyeon is performing as a part of Girls’ Generation, as part of a subunit, or as a solo artist she always slays. Each of her performances is amazing but some of them just seem to have the perfect mix of elements that take them beyond amazing. In these performances, she’ll sway your heart and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.


1. “Karma Butterfly”

This particular version of “Karma Butterfly” was performed at Girls’ Generation’s 3rd Japan tour but it feels bit different than any of their other performances. First, there is Taeyeon who looks fierce, sexy, and cool at the same time. Then there were her on-point dance moves and flawless singing. It was definitely a performance to remember.


2. “Night”

When Taeyeon performed this version of “Night” the crowd literally couldn’t contain themselves and with good reason. Her performance was both soulful and fierce. Add in some body rolls and everyone who was watching went nuts!


3. “Devil’s Cry”

Speaking of fierce performances, Taeyeon’s version of “Devil’s Cry” at Korean Music Wave at L.A in 2014 was probably one of the fiercest performances she’s ever given. There was passion in her eyes and every move she made and every note she sang was powerful. One look at this performance and you won’t forget it!


4. “Into the New World”

Nothing beats “Into the New World” and this version from Story Show Delight is pretty iconic. Although the performance may be from 2010, it can still be enjoyed years later. Taeyeon’s cute pigtails and schoolgirl uniform might say one thing, but her powerful dance moves embody the message of the song!


5. “Good Thing”

During their Magic of Christmas performance, Taeyeon really did bring the magic in the form of “Good Thing”. Not only did we get to hear her wonderful voice but she brought the fire with some impressive raps. Overall the performance mixed with her visuals is one that isn’t easy to get over.


6. “Hush Hush”

Taeyeon’s solo performance during the group’s first world tour is probably one of her most iconic performances ever. The performance was incredibly sexy and Taeyeon’s English was flawless. If you’ve never watched or listened to this performance you really should, it won’t disappoint.


7. “UR”

Taeyeon gave this performance during the Butterfly Kiss tour and her visuals were so on point that she didn’t even look real. Plus her voice was just as unreal as her visuals!


8. “Lion Heart”

From the very first note that Taeyeon sang during this M! Countdown version of “Lion Heart”, she had already captured everyone’s hearts. Not to mention the lighting made her look like an angel!

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