8 Things We’re Grateful To EXO For In Celebration Of Their 8th Anniversary

Remember their 23 pre-debut teasers?

EXO debuted on April 8, making it eight long and good years since then. Through a number of ups and downs, they’ve grown into idols fans can look up to.

In celebration of their 8th anniversary, here are 8 things we’re grateful to EXO for!

1. Thank you for starting a debut craze

Remember when SM Entertainment released a whopping 23 pre-debut teasers of the members? They proved that each member is a gem and has much to offer!

2. Thank you for taking the lead

EXO was the first group to divide themselves into a Korean unit and a Chinese unit. EXO-M helped the group gain popularity in a new market, paving the way for younger groups to do the same.

3. Thank you for your variety shows

EXO’s Showtime was an iconic show. It was able to showcase the group’s various personalities, frequently providing fans with much wanted content.

4. Thank you for breaking barriers

Chen’s letter regarding his pending marriage and fatherhood.

EXO had multiple dating news (even marriage news!) that broke barriers in the Korean entertainment industry.

5. Thank you for your amazing songs

EXO consistently releases great songs that top charts in Korea and all over the globe. From “MAMA” to “Obsession”, every A-side and B-side deserves praise.

6. Thank you for your amazing dances

Recognized as one of the best K-Pop groups at dancing, EXO’s challenging and memorable choreography often goes viral. The “Love Shot” and “Call Me Baby” point moves are just some of many.

7. Thank you for proving idols can also be actors

D.O.Baekhyun,and Chanyeol have all starred in popular K-Dramas. D.O. is even considered one of the best idol actors in the industry. D.O.’s drama, 100 Days My Prince, showed off his many charms.

8. Thank you for staying together

After 8 long years of ups and downs, fans are just glad that EXO is still together! Even if comebacks are few and far between, EXO-Ls will always stay loyal to their group.

Happy 8th year anniversary, EXO!