8 Times BLACKPINK And Lady Gaga Supported Each Other Like Queens

“I’m proud to be the 5’th member of BLACKPINK.”

BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga are currently smashing multiple records with their song “Sour Candy”.

Even before these two artists collaborated, BLACKPINK has shown their admiration for Lady Gaga a few times.

The admiration between the two has only increased after their collaboration. Here’s a list of some of the moments when BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga supported each other like queens.

1. Jisoo asking Lady Gaga if she could be their 5’th member

2. Lady Gaga declaring herself BLACKPINK’s 5’th member

3. Rosé fangirling

4. Jennie showing love to Lady Gaga

5. Rosé showing respect

6. BLACKPINK showing absolute love to Lady Gaga

7. Jisoo and Rosé commenting on Lady Gaga’s post

8. Lady Gaga praising BLACKPINK

Lady Gaga was the one who contacted BLACKPINK about a collaboration, which the members excitedly agreed to.

I called BLACKPINK and asked if they wanted to work on the song with me, and they were enthusiastic and delighted to.

— Lady Gaga

Here is the full song below!