8 Times BTS Jimin Accidentally Hurt Himself And Fans Didn’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

His self-inflicted accidents are equal parts funny and worrisome.

BTS‘s Jimin is known for his fire on stage, but off the stage he’s a bit more… clumsy. He seems to hurt himself unintentionally an awful lot, and fans never know whether to laugh or cry when they see him in pain! Check out 8 times Jimin hurt himself by accident… and the hilarious reactions from his fellow members!


1. When he kicked himself in the face.

At a fan meet, Jimin‘s flexibility got the better of him and he somehow kicked himself in the head, falling off the chair! J-Hope proceeded to tease him relentlessly, even mocking him by copying the accident as Jimin laughed so much he couldn’t stand up.


2. When he slapped his own hand.

Jimin counted down, 3, 2, 1… and slapped his hand so hard it hurt.


3. When he tapped his knuckles too hard on this bell.

When Jimin tapped his knuckles on the bell, Jungkook came to his rescue by hitting the offending object.


4. When he smacked his chest with too much force.

Jungkook just laughed.


5. When he slapped his own leg.

It hurt so much he doubled over in pain… and laughter.


6. When he hit his elbow on a glass while he was talking.

Jin thought it was the funniest thing ever when Jimin stopped mid-sentence to rub his arm.


7. When he hit himself in the face with his microphone.

His expression is priceless.


8. When putting his jacket on became too much.

Jimin seems to hit his funny bone a lot, but in this instance it really seems to hurt!