8 Times Girl Groups Delivered Flawless Covers Of Boy Group Dances

These girl groups showed off their incredible skills and talents in these covers!

Idols are known for their incredible talent, and often pay homage to each other by performing song as well as dance covers of their favorite groups! Here are 8 times female K-Pop groups showed their skills by covering boy group dances, and delivered flawlessly!

1. “Energetic” (Orig. Wanna One)-IZ*ONE

As the next group to debut from the Produce survival show series, IZ*ONE delivered a sharp cover of Wanna One‘s debut song, “Energetic” and slayed fans with their serious talent!


2. “Fake Love” (Orig. BTS)- (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE performed a shortened version of BTS‘s “Fake Love” as a cover stage for the 2018 MCOUNTDOWN stage in Taipei, and blew fans away with their amazing performance!


3. “Love Shot” (Orig. EXO)- EVERGLOW

Rookie group EVERGLOW have released many dance covers since their debut, but the group especially killed this cover of EXO‘s “Love Shot”, hitting all the moves and beats flawlessly!


4. “Cherry Bomb” (Orig. NCT 127)- LOONA

LOONA is a group known for their amazing dancing talent, and with each comeback, only seem to get better! They released a cover of NCT 127‘s “Cherry Bomb” in 2019, and the cover was so impressive that even SM Entertainment‘s founder Lee Soo Man recognized their potential, and helped in the production of their latest album, # (hash)!


5. “I NEED U” (Orig. BTS) – GFRIEND

For the 2017 KBS Music Bank in Jakarta stage, GFRIEND performed a cover of BTS’s “I NEED U”, and the stage was a big hit! As both groups are known or their incredibly intricate choreographies, GFRIEND delivered with all the force and power that BTS showed in their original performances, but also totally and the performance their own!


6. “Pretty U” (Orig. SEVENTEEN) – TWICE

During one of their concerts in 2018, TWICE performed an adorable cover of SEVENTEEN‘s “Pretty U”, and fans were in love with the power and energy they brought to the performance!


7. “Fire” (Orig. BTS)- LOONA

LOONA makes another appearance on the list, because they’re killing it with their dance covers! They released a cover of BTS’s “Fire”, and the delivery of the choreography was hella lit!


8. “Overdose” (Orig. EXO)- TWICE

For another one of their concerts in 2017, TWICE covered EXO’s powerful song, “Overdose”. The girls absolutely slayed their performance, giving the song their own twist and presence for a great stage!