Here Are 9 Of The Most Adorable TWICExVelvet Moments That Will Make You Super Soft

They seem to be super close!

TWICE and Red Velvet are two top-tier girl groups! Along with being amazing performers, the members of the two groups are also great friends! Here are 9 of the most adorable TWICExRedVelvet moments that show how close they are!

1. Nayeon showing up to Yeri’s birthday event

For Yeri‘s birthday this year, she showed up at a café to meet and greet all of her fans. Fans later realized that Nayeon had tagged along, and was shyly waiting for Yeri outside the café!


2. Nayeon adorably running off with Seulgi’s phone during the 2018 ISAC

The 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championship had a ton of TWICExVelvet moments! One of those adorable moments were Nayeon and Seulgi talking and messing around! Nayeon suddenly grabbed Seulgi’s phone and ran away, with Seulgi chasing after her soon enough! Seulgi was then interrupted by Jeongyeon, and Nayeon joined the two soon after, and the three began talking and laughing again!


3. Irene grabbing Dahyun’s hand and dragging her offstage when she started acting silly

During a Music Bank stage, Dahyun began doing silly things up on stage, and that was when Irene grabbed her hand and adorably pulled her offstage, while laughing the entire time!


4. Yeri and Chaeyoung going on dinner dates

Yeri and Chaeyoung are both 99-liners, and are close same age friends! They often meet up and go on dinner dates, showing how close the two are!


5. TWICE hyping Red Velvet during their performance of “Power Up”

TWICE truly showed how they were Red Velvet’s biggest fangirls as they hyped them up during their performance of “Power Up”!


6. Tzuyu reveals the idol she wants to collaborate with most is Seulgi

During an idol survey at the beginning of 2020, Tzuyu revealed that the idol she wants to collaborate with most is Seulgi, because she thinks she’s cool! The two also previously collaborated with a few of their members for a special stage in 2018!


7. Joy and Sana hug each other and talk during a Music Bank stage

During a Music Bank stage, Joy and Sana were spotted hugging and whispering to each other, showing how much they enjoyed each others’ company!


8. Wendy and Jeongyeon’s adorable moment

As everyone was exiting the stage after an event, Jeongyeon helped Wendy fix her hair as they walked side by side!


9. TWICE and Red Velvet arriving in Vietnam at the same time in 2019

The 2019 Asian Artist Awards was held in Vietnam in 2019, and both TWICE and Red Velvet arrived at Hanoi airport at the same time. Fans were shook with the sheer visual explosion when the girls were seen on the elevator in one line together, and cite it as a super TWICExVelvet moment!