9 Creepy-As-Fuck Things That Actually Happened In 2017

2017 was filled with terrible incidents that chilled us to the bone.

1. A medical student sent his girlfriend a dick pic from a male corpse

Evidently, being book smart does not mean you are clever in everything else.

Source: Today’s Humor A man sent a picture of dead man’s penis and his girlfriend posts it on the internet

One medical student from South Korea took a picture of a male corpse during a human anatomy dissection class and figured it would be funny to send the picture to his girlfriend. Not only are dick pics usually unwelcome, this took unwelcome dick pics to a whole other level. Adding to the ridiculousness of the situation, the girlfriend who received the deceased’s dick pic felt that it was an appropriate thing to post on the internet, which many found extremely disrespectful. The post received tons of backlash and has since been deleted.

2. Mysterious prank calls in the morning

For 6 years, one Korean man received prank calls at 4 AM every morning, from an unknown caller. When they finally traced the call, it led them to a public phone booth where one of his close friends was caught in the act!

When confronted, the “friend” denied the accusations at first, but later confessed that it was to get back at his friend for not hanging out with him.

Yes, this man took a cab at 4 AM every morning, going to different public phone booths to make prank calls, just to creep his friend out.

No charges were laid against him but, if I were the friend, I would stay far away from this guy!

3. The unexplained deaths of 4 newborns at a Korean hospital

The deaths of four newborn infants at Ewha Woman’s University Medical Centre in South Korea triggered a police investigation.

On December 16, four pre-term infants in incubators in the hospital’s ICU suffered swollen abdomens and had no signs of breathing. They were pronounced dead within two hours. The doctors were unable to find the cause of multiple fatalities and, while the investigation is still going on at this moment, everyone is horrified by this tragic incident.

4. 14-year-old Korean girl brutally beaten by 5 bullies

In September of this year, 5 girls at a Busan middle school beat their classmate with a chair, a metal pipe, and soju bottles while also burning her with lit cigarettes.

[★BREAKING] 14-Year-Old Korean Girl Brutally Attacked By 4 Students

Not only did the violent torture continue for at least 90 minutes, the girls also took pictures and sent them to friends.

They turned themselves in a few hours after the beating, but have shown little remorse since.

5. Anonymous bomb threats against Apink

When you think of bomb threats, you don’t normally think of K-Pop. That is, until APINK received numerous bomb and death threats from one crazy fan.

Apparently, this fan felt that bomb threats were the appropriate response to witnessing one of Apink’s members going on a date with another man on a variety show. Apink’s Eunji received yet another bomb threat for the press conference of her new drama, JTBC’s Untouchable, causing them to delay the entire press conference for hours. After the incident, Eunji shared an open letter to the person responsible for those threats, vowing that he would be found and taken down.

As of yet, he has not been taken into custody as the logistics of coordinating an international search, arrest, and extradition are taking some time to work through.

Apink’s Eunji has had enough of the bomb threats, Sends message to terrorist on Instagram

6. A runaway stroller was casually pursued by two parents who didn’t want to spill their coffee

In December, two short clips emerged on the internet, titled “The parents who love coffee more than their baby”, that swept Korean netizens into a frenzy.

The video featured a stroller rolling down a steep hill with no parents anywhere to be seen! Fortunately for the baby, the passenger of a car that was attempting to drive down the street hopped out and caught the runaway stroller.

A few moments later, two individuals (presumed to be the mother and father) could be seen walking towards the baby and the stroller while holding a cup of coffee in their hands.

If a tiny baby in a runaway stroller isn’t scary enough for you, then maybe the nonchalant parents, sauntering quickly down the street so as to not spill a drop might creep you out a bit.


7. Sasaeng fan threatened to kill TWICE’s Mina with a knife

In response to a photo that was uploaded by TWICE’s Mina and GOT7’s Jackson, one “fan” took to the internet with a graphic death threat aimed at Mina.

[★BREAKING] Sasaeng Fan From Ilbe Threatens To Murder TWICE Mina

The Ilbo user posted an image of a knife about to slit her wrist and wrote, “Unless you slap your boyfriend and rip his mouth, I’m going to come kill you.”

The user apologized for her threatening post, but will nevertheless be sued by JYP Entertainment.

[★UPDATE] JYP Entertainment Will Sue Person Who Threatened To Kill TWICE’s Mina

8. Kim Kwang Seok’s daughter’s mysterious death

In September, the mysterious death of the daughter of the late legendary folk singer, Kim Kwang Seok, became a hot topic among netizens. She had been dead for years, but the mother had been hiding that fact, telling friends and family that her daughter was alive and well.

In light of the suspicious circumstances surrounding his daughter’s death, netizens wanted to re-open Kim Kwang Seok’s suicide case from 1996, saying that maybe his wife had actually murdered him and his daughter. She even went on the news to defend herself, and later found innocent by the police investigation, yet the question still remains at large, on why she had to hide her daughter’s death.

She went on the news to defend herself and was later found innocent in a police investigation. The question that’s still on everyone’s mind, however, is why she hid her daughter’s death.

9. Two teens killed an innocent 8-year-old girl

In March, two teen girls, who were romantically linked, were arrested for killing an innocent 8-year-old girl in South Korea. They were obsessed with lesbian pop-culture and gore graphic novels and shocked the nation when they confessed that the motive was just for fun. The killer had used the term “going out to hunt” when she went out to kidnap the innocent child.