9 Easy And Affordable Ways To Dress Like BTS’s V

You don’t need GUCCI or Chanel to nail V’s style.

If you’re looking to give yourself a V-inspired makeover, here are some tips!


1. Personalize the clothes you already own.

Artist-fashionistas like V have a delightful urge to alter their clothes. Got an old, denim jacket? Try spray painting it.


Got a plain T-shirt? Why not colorize it with paint and markers to express yourself?


Whatever you do, just make sure to use materials that won’t bleed in the wash!


2. Experiment with stylish spectacles. The bigger, the better.

Cosmetic (or prescription) glasses can turn a plain look into an extraordinary one. There’s a pair of glasses out there for every V-inspired outfit, whether you’re going for quirky…






…or nerdy-chic!


3. Go bold with patterns

When it comes to mixing and matching, V is a pro. Many of his shirts have eye-catching prints that could be overwhelming, if not for the solid pants, neckties, shoes, and bags he pairs them with.


4. Sprinkle on unique accessories made by independent artists.

V loves designer brands like GUCCI and Chanel, but he also supports independent artists, like the maker of this paint palette pin.


V also frequently wears handmade bracelets by the charity brand Choi Changnam (Ccnmade).


If you’re looking for a V accessory, these bracelets are easy to wear and affordable…if they aren’t still sold out. If they are, try making your own!


5. Cardigans and sweater vests are a yes!

V’s BURBERRY cardigan may be a little out of budget, but cheaper alternatives may be found at your local retail or thrift stores.


The same goes for V’s sweater vests. V has a way of making warm, snuggly outwear look stylish by combining them with slacks and plain, long sleeve shirts.


6. Try out these classic hats

Nothing says “V style” like this yellow beret! Many of V’s outfits hint at fashion trends from years gone by that are considered “classics” by today’s standards.


A bright beret or a paperboy hat will add that pinch of vintage your closet has been missing!


7. Chic coats are a must.

V’s look has changed over the years, but his love for collared coats has prevailed.


Coats like this look fabulous with a variety of outfits, plus they come with the added bonus of making the wearer look model-tall!


8. Shoes? You choose.

V wears loafers, running shoes, and sandals, depending on what his outfit call for. His shoes combine the best of both worlds: style and comfort.


9. Don’t be afraid to be you!

V wears whatever appeals to him, regardless of fashion norms, brands, and other people’s opinions. You too can follow your fashionista heart to wherever it may lead!


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