9 Of EXO’s Worst Experiences With Sasaeng Fans

These are just disturbing.

All sasaeng fans are terrible, as they don’t respect the privacy of their favorite celebrities. EXO is a group that has had many terrible experiences with sasaeng fans. Here’s a list of some of EXO’s worst encounters with sasaeng fans.

1. Sasaengs ruining Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding

Baekhyun has been pretty vocal about his hatred of sasaeng fans. One of the worst experiences Baekhyun had to deal with was when sasaeng fans came to Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding and tried to get the attention of the EXO members. Baekhyun was visibly frustrated with how the sasaengs ruined his brother’s special day. 

2. Fans cross-dressing

In the past, female sasaeng fans shaved their heads and dressed like boys to enter the male bathrooms EXO were using.

3. Stalking the members’ hotel rooms

Former member Tao has had to deal with many stressful sasaengs during his with EXO, as they once set up cameras to take photos of him at his hotel.

4. Taking pictures of the members’ on planes

Something sasaeng fans are known to do is booking the same flights as the EXO members, then taking pictures of them when they sleep.

5. Selling D.O’s boxer briefs

sasaeng fan was once able to get a hold of D.O’s boxer briefs, then decided to sell them online.

6. Attempted kidnapping

sasaeng fan once rented a van identical to the one EXO uses, then attempted to get the members to ride the van. EXO’s manager thought something was strange, so he stopped them from entering the van.

7. Stalking their homes

Sasaeng fans have attempted to get into EXO’s home many times, to the point where the members had to ask them to leave them alone.

8. Ruining Xiumin’s vacation

During one of the few times that the EXO members got a vacation, Xiumin decided to go on a vacation with his family to Vietnam. This trip was soon ruined when sasaeng fans started following him wherever he went.

9. Hurting the members

Sasaeng fans have no problem invading the personal space of their favorite idols, to the point where they sometimes physically hurt them.

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