Baekhyun Confesses He Hates Sasaeng Fans

Baekhyun admits how he really feels about sasaeng fans.

EXO‘s Baekhyun has always been vocal about the “sasaeng (사생)” fan behavior problem, but in his recent live broadcast, he admitted in his own words that he “hates” such fans.

A ‘sasaeng’ fan is an over-obsessive fan who often engages in stalking and other behaviors that clearly invade the celebrity’s privacy.


In this pitch black video, Baekhyun is actually whispering, as an asmr attempt, for his fans who have joined his live broadcast on his social media account. When he is interrupted by sasaeng phone calls, he finally states how he feels about these “fans”.

Sasaeng fans, who want to interrupt this time I spend with you guys, are calling again. I really hate them. I honestly hate them so much. I love EXO-Ls but I hate sasaeng fans. — Baekhyun


In the past, on numerous occasions, Baekhyun had to ask the extreme sasaeng fans to leave him alone. Earlier this year, Baekhyun got involved in a phone number outing controversy, when he called out the wrong number for a sasaeng fan who kept calling him during live broadcast.

Please stop calling the number. I made a mistake and called out the wrong digits. It’s not the sasaeng fan’s number. I don’t want my mistake to harm anyone anymore. Please stop calling that number or mine.” — Baekhyun


In 2017, when SM Entertainment artists went to Jeju Island for a workshop and vacation, Baekhyun commented on his Instagram asking sasaengs to refrain from asking for pictures.

I’m here on vacation… I don’t even look good right now… So I really don’t think it’s a good idea to take pictures. I understand you’re trying to show me your love, but could you please refrain? I hope you understand.” — Baekhyun


Earlier in 2017, Baekhyun had another live broadcast that went wrong because of sasaengs calling him excessively. At this time, Baekhyun also showed frustration about these so-called fans’ aggressive behavior.


In 2013, at his own brother’s wedding, Baekhyun had to confront sasaeng fans who had appeared to take pictures and ruined the wedding for everyone else there. When this news got out, fans became furious at sasaengs for always going over the line and ruining EXO member’s lives.

Several witnesses from this wedding stated sasaeng fans appeared when EXO members stepped up to sing, standing on chairs to get pictures and videos. The “fans” reportedly interrupted the wedding by blocking other guests and trying to get Baekhyun and other members’ attention.


With all this history of sasaeng activity invading his privacy and ruining special moments, it’s hardly any wonder Baekhyun has expressed his frustration.

Source: baekfiring and YTN