Try Not To Swoon While Watching These 9 Moments Where MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Shows Off Her “Handsome Side”

Moonbyul likes being called handsome. And it shows.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul released her song “Eclipse” last February 14 and it’s been featured at YouTube South Korea’s #7 most trending videos ever since.

With stunning visuals like this, it’s no wonder why.

“Eclipse” successfully shows off Moonbyul’s handsome side — with shots of her dancing and leading a group of powerful male dancers and even snippets of her rapping perfectly to the beat.

In addition to binge-watching Moonbyul‘s latest song release, MooMoos all over the world can also treat themselves to more moments of Moonbyul showing off her handsome charms below:

1. Covering dances by boy groups

Who says cool dance moves are only reserved for boy groups?

2. Playing the lead male in MAMAMOO’s “Um Oh Ah Yeh” MV

Even Solar’s character was charmed.

3. Look at how she carefully comforts a crying MooMoo

Her caring gestures have touched the hearts of every MooMoo who’s seen this moment.

4. The way she delivers cheesy lines with a straight face

That’s why she’s been called “greasy” a lot.

5. Or when she does unexpected things like this

Can you hear all those hearts stopping?

6. Or this…

7. Does this count as “boyfriend look”?

Moonbyul: making MooMoos question their sexuality since 2014.

8. Look at how she cares for her members

The term “gentleman” isn’t exclusive to men either.

9. And the way “swag” just oozes out of her effortlessly

Go ahead and call Moonbyul handsome. She actually prefers it.