9 Hilarious Reactions To BTS V’s Dog Yeontan’s TV Debut

Nepo baby? Lip sync allegations?

Though Layover is BTS member V’s debut solo album, it has somehow turned into an even bigger career move for his beloved pet dog, Yeontan.

BTS’s V with Yeontan | @thv/Instagram

Since the album was first teased, it was evident that Yeontan was an important part of the project. He was everywhere — from the concept photos to the album cover. V even had him star in his music videos, although by proxy.

While fans were jokingly calling it Yeontan’s debut, V seriously considered it so. On September 14, KST, Yeontan actually made his official debut on broadcasting, ticking another box from any usual debut rollout of an idol. He appeared with V on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN.

Yeontan’s TV debut was a hit, and like every hitmaker, he became topic of conversation online, drawing some chuckle-worthy reactions from ARMYs.

1. New “It Boy” in town

He just debuted but already ended careers.

2. A Star Is Born

He didn’t choose the idol life, it chose him.

3. He has got his father’s eyes, and agent

They hate him cause they can’t be him.

4. Deja Vu

We’ve all seen this film before.

5. Rent Due

Is it time for him to pull his weight?

6. Let him breathe!

He’s just a rookie, still learning the ropes.

7. Realistically, yes.

Did he even sign a contract? Does he know how the industry works?

8. Started from the bottom

Nepo babies have to work hard too!

9. Lip sync allegations?

The hate is forced.



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