9 Chaotic BTS Moments From The “Jack In The Box” Listening Party That Will Live Rent-Free In ARMYs’ Heads

Highlights from the party that just scream BTS.

BTS‘s J-Hope threw a star-studded listening party the day before his solo album Jack In The Box was released. A new behind the scene Bangtan Bomb video has revealed some never-seen-before moments from the party.

Here are 9 of the most unforgettable moments from the video:

1. J-Hope monitoring the sound check with this expression

He surely went into the dance leader zone.

2. BTS, the biggest boyband in the world, asking each other how to greet ‘celebs’

It’s high time someone tells them that they are celebrities of celebrities.

3. RM and Jimin being doing the Extraordinary Attorney Woo greeting after RM cracks his golden joke

Living that fanboy life!

4. Jimin and Jungkook hiding in the corner out of shyness

Members of the ‘introverts united’ club.

5. Jin being shy sitting in the middle of the room

President of the ‘introverts united’ club.

6. This…interesting pose of V

He loves his ‘Hobi hyung’ a normal amount.

7. V wiggling while RM seemingly reassures J-Hope about something

Is this a live Renaissance painting?

8. This ‘unfortunate’ early departure

That is the face of a free man.

9. A kinda-turned-up Jimin

Fighting the Asian flush with his bare hands.

ARMYs, make sure to pray for the Bangtan Bomb staff’s prosperity before going to bed today.