The Actual Locations Of Where ARMYs’ Favorite BTS Music Videos Were Filmed Will Surprise You

BTS made these ordinary places look extra good!

BTS‘s past music videos, all of which are continuously collecting views on YouTube, are high in quality and well edited. In fact, some of them are so beautifully filmed that Korean ARMYs are often tricked into believing the background is outside the country. Here are the 5 BTS MVs that were actually filmed in Korea, at hidden locations around the country!


1. “Mic Drop”

“Mic Drop” music video turned up some serious heat. With piled up cars on fire in the background, fueled by the members’ old-school hiphop-style outfits, anyone would have believed that this music video was shot on New York streets. The lot, however, is actually from a city bus terminal in Dangjin, south Chungcheong province. Check out how a quaint little bus terminal in the rural outskirts of Korea managed to look all glam and glow in “Mic Drop”.

2. “Not Today”

BTS’s “Not Today” featured some eye-catching grand nature in the background that fans were convinced it was filmed outside of Korea. With rocky mountain sides and vast barren fields, even BTS members pointed out that it seemed and felt like New Zealand. This “nature”, however, is actually at a quarry – or an open-pit stone mining site – in the county of Danyang, north Chungcheong provice.


3. “Save Me”

The dreamy green flatland spread endlessly beyond the horizon, where BTS members showcased their dancing skills for the “Save Me” music video, definitely does not look like it is located on this planet – nevermind Korea. The music video really focused on the members’ performances by minimizing the background to the sky and the grass – but its pristine beauty ended up grabbing ARMYs’ attention anyway. The truth though? This music video was shot in Saemangeum – a tidal flatland on the southwest coast of Korea, created by a seawall building projected that was completed in 2010. The area has since been slightly more developed into a tourist spot, welcoming BTS fans visiting the idols’ footsteps around the nation.


4. “Spring Day”

Unlike “Save Me”, the music video for the track “Spring Day” was visually packed with so many beautiful background locations to check out. Aside from the popular bus station, which has well become a tourist spot on its own as well, there was also the lone tree that sparked a lot of viewers’ curiosity as to where it actually is located. While it looks like a distant land on another continent, this scene was taken on the less-known / less-traveled Hyung-do Island in Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi province.


5. “Airplane”

J-Hope‘s “Airplane” MV had his fans convinced that it was set somewhere in California, in the back parking lot of some large outdoor mall or even an airport. So they were completely shook AF to find out that this visually pleasing music video had been filmed at yet another bus terminal in Seongnam city, Gyeonggi province. This terminal, already a popular hang-out destination among citizens of Seongnam for its shops, theater, and transportation, became another hotspot for BTS fans to check out.

Source: THEQOO