You Can Now Take A Selfie Inside The Iconic BTS “You Never Walk Alone” Bus Stop—Here’s What You Need To Know

The city of Gangneung just added a new stop to your BTS tour… literally.

ARMYs travelling along Korea’s east coast can now visit BTS‘s iconic bus stop from the You Never Walk Alone album.


In 2017, BTS took a series of seaside bus stop concept photos for their You Never Walk Alone album jacket.


These photos combined the sea and travel: motifs also used in the video for “Spring Day”.

“Spring Day” is one of the album’s most popular tracks.


The Gangneung City Government has installed a replica of BTS’s bus stop at Jumunjin Beach, complete with the set’s bus stop sign.

The attraction is scheduled to be available to the public sometime in July 2018.


No buses will actually visit this stop, but it’s a great place for fans to enjoy BTS’s music and take memorable photos.

“Waiting for a bus that never comes at a bus stop near Jumunjin Beach, visitors can enjoy the music and rhythm of BTS.”  a Gangneung City official 


Fans will be able to recreate their favourite photos from the shoot…


…or make new memories at what is sure to become one of Gangneung City’s biggest tourist attractions this summer.


Gangneung’s bus stop isn’t the only BTS attraction fans can visit in Korea. The Mosun Aerodrome in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, has become a tourist hotspot thanks to the “EPILOGUE: Young Forever” music video.


ARMYs can also stop in for at Laundry Pizza, where BTS took photos for Love Yourself: Her…


…or go for coffee at &Gather, the cafe from episode 45 of BTS Run.


In addition to set locations and replicas, fans might want to pick up merch at the BT21 store in Itaewon…


…and take photos in front of Big Hit Entertainment‘s new building.


Gangneung’s bus stop may be Korea’s latest BTS attraction but, chances are, it probably won’t be the last! To check out the original bus stop, watch the jacket shooting sketch here.

Source: The Korean Herald and Kyunghyang Shinmun