Here are 6 Of aespa Winter’s Favorite Things, From Foods To Nicknames

#4 is surprising!

aespa is becoming one of K-Pop’s hottest rookie girl groups and Dalgona has caught on! They shared some fun facts about Winter with their Instagram followers so let’s take a look!

1. Favorite Foods

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Winter is just 20-years-old (American age) which means she has a youthful appetite! While her slim figure says otherwise, the aespa member’s favorite foods are mint chocolate ice cream and Hawaiian pizza!

2. Favorite Season

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While she matches all the seasons, Winter’s personal favorite season is fall. She fits the theme of autumn perfectly, with her cool but feminine image. Fall has some of the best fashion and Winter is already becoming one of K-Pop’s top “it” girls with her outfits. Great pick Winter!

3. Favorite Animals

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Unsurprisingly enough, Winter loves animals and I mean, who wouldn’t! She has a few that she personally likes more than others. Some of her favorites are arctic foxes, dogs and cats. What a good list!

4. Favorite Movies

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It has been said that Winter enjoys all types of action-related movies, which makes her list very action heavy. Two of her favorite American films are American Sniper and Tenet, which is action and thriller!

5. Favorite Color

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While aespa is known for their elaborate and colorful performances, Winter has a favorite color that may be surprising. Her favorite color, according to Dalgona is ivory! She could pull off every color in the book, but ivory is very fitting for the chic aespa member.

6. Favorite Nicknames

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Winter has a few nicknames under her belt that her fans have given her. Baby rabbit, gyeo-ulie (Winter in Korean,) and Min-dungie (Winter’s Korean name) are the three she is known for. However, the aespa member shared that she wants to be called gyeo-ulie and Min-dungie more!

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You can also scroll through all of Winter’s fun facts on Dalgona’s Instagram page!

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