ARMY Think BTS Looks Like These Iconic Animated Characters

We see no difference.

Ever since BTS released their concept photos for “Butter,” ARMYs noticed some similarities between the members and some other iconic figures. The new colorful hairstyles rocked by the boys might remind you of some of your favorite animated characters too.

Here are some cartoons that ARMYs have said BTS resemble…

1. RM — The Pink Panther

With the return of his pink hair, ARMYs have compared BTS’s leader to the Pink Panther!

| Twitter & Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

2. Jin — Nick Wilde

Some ARMYs have suggested that Jin resembles the Zootopia fox, Nick Wilde, due to his auburn hairstyle… and perhaps smolder.

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3. Suga — Theodore

With Suga dressed in green and sporting shaggy hair, ARMYs noticed a resemblance between him and another famous music artist: Theodore from Alvin and The Chipmunks, specifically their Nickelodeon TV show ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks.

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4. J-Hope — Tweety

While J-Hope’s hair choice was probably inspired by their song’s title “Butter,” the golden hair has ARMY thinking of Looney Tunes yellow canary Tweety.

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5. Jimin — Boss Baby

ARMY is lovingly nicknaming Jimin “Boss Baby” after the animated character because of his adorable appearance and swag attire. Some have made multiple edits of Jimin as the cartoon!

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Even the voice actor behind the character, JP Karliak, in the Netflix show agrees with the comparison.

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6. V — Dennis

Since V revealed his new fluffy hairstyle, ARMY has gone crazy with edits! It’s also earned him a new nickname, “Vchon,” comparing him to a small fluffy puppy! Some, however, think that the new style makes him look like Hotel Transylvania‘s curly-haired-ginger Dennis.

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7. Jungkook — Roberto

Jungkook’s sleek, long, vibrant blue hair keeps being compared to the feathers of Rio character Roberto.

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Source: narges.q1 and Image