BTS V’s New Perm Hairstyle Just Earned Him The Cutest Nickname

He’s SO fluffy. 😍

During BTS‘s latest press conference for their new single, “Butter,” the members emerged in their new looks for the comeback with fresh hairstyles and colors.

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However, V’s look, in particular, caught fans’ attention — and even earned him a new nickname!

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| Big Hit Music

With his new perm, V resembles a fluffy puppy and was given the name “Vchon” (V and Bichon) by fans!

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When comparing him to a small, curly-haired dog…

…the resemblance is uncanny!

During the press conference, V noted that his new hairstyle fit him since he’s “in charge of cuteness.”

ARMYs would say that description is spot-on!

Source: TheQoo