ARMY Put V’s Fluffy Hair On The Rest Of BTS — Here Are The Results

Who rocked the look best?

BTS V‘s hair made headlines after the release of “Butter,” and now it’s our new favorite meme!


V debuted his fluffy new hair at the press conference for BTS’s comeback. His resemblance to a Bichon Frise earned V the nickname “Vchon” (V and Bichon) from fans.


A fan also pointed out V’s resemblance to the American painter Bob Ross during BTS’s live broadcast, making the members laugh.

V is one of the few people who can pull off this type of perm, but what about the rest of BTS? An ARMY by the name of milky edited V’s hairdo onto his members to find out. Here are the results!

1. RM

RM debuted with an iconic perm back in 2013, but we’d love to see him try a perm like V’s someday!

2. Jin

Jin usually rocks sleek, straight hair, but this edit proves that all hairstyles suit him. He’s Worldwide Handsome, you know?

3. Suga

Has someone lost a kitty? Because we’ve found him! This pet-able hair is too cute for words on Lil Meow Meow, ARMY’s favorite “cat.”

4. J-Hope

We definitely need to see J-Hope with a perm in the future. This light, carefree hairstyle suits him perfectly!

5. Jimin

V’s hair gives Jimin a cherubic look. Its curls and color look sweet, innocent, and angelic on him!

6. Jungkook

If you thought the Golden Maknae was all grown up, well, you’re right — but also very wrong! This edited photo ages Jungkook down and gives off “BTS’s baby” vibes.