Here Are 20+ Of The Very Best ARMY “Catch Us All x BTS” Tweets For April Fools’ Day

These tweets will make you laugh your “ash” off!

One of the best times of year for BTS and ARMY is April Fools’ Day! Usually, the members will update their shared Twitter account, changing it to something low-key hilarious.

Yet, since the members each got their own Instagram account, they have been visiting Twitter less and less. So, for April Fools’ Day this year, ARMYs hoped to get their attention through Pokémon, considering BTS, especially leader RM, are fans.

So, here are 20+ of the funniest BTS x Catch Us All tweets!

1. If we’re all Pokémon, then that makes BTS Ash Ketchum

2. Waiting for BTS to get on Twitter to notice…

3. BTS history reenacted by Pokémon

4. When you get carried away too fast

5. We see no differences

6. Charizard ate and left no crumbs

7. This hilarious response to an official Pokémon account

8. Team Rocket agenda lives on

9. No, because why is this so accurate?

10. BTS, join the trend!

11. Pikachu is everyone’s bias, low-key

12. Suga is actually Wooper?!

13. This sub-unit goes hard

14. Party party, yeah!

15. “Super Tuna” is actually the name of a new Pokémon

16. Pokémon ≠ Pikachu?

17. When you meant to prank BTS but end up low-key pranking moots

18. Winter Bear? More like Moon Bear, a.k.a. Teddiursa

19. Jigglypuff is the main vocalist for sure

20. Same fits, different vibes

21. When you accidentally celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary instead of April Fools’ Day

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