ARMY Changed Their Profile Pictures To Pokémon On April Fools’ Day For BTS But Accidentally Celebrated 25th Anniversary Of The Iconic Anime

It’s an April Fools’ Day for the ARMY history books!

April Fools’ Day has always been a special day for BTS and ARMY, particularly on Twitter.

For example, the members would low-key “hack” their own shared Twitter account, updating it to a low-key hilarious layout.

Yet, because the BTS members all have their own Instagram accounts now, it seems less and less they visit Twitter.

Still, ARMYs hoped to keep the tradition alive…

So, they attempted to prank BTS and get attention through Pokémon, knowing that the group, especially leader RM, are fans.

Like seriously, these guys really love Pokémon!

ARMYs changed their profile pictures from their bias to their favorite Pokémon for April Fools’ Day. So, when BTS would finally log back into Twitter, they’d see lots of cute pictures of the animated characters!

Yet, BTS have been dead silent…

…except for Jimin, who low-key “hacked” their own account. He never addressed the Pokémon pictures, though.

That didn’t stop ARMYs from trying. Besides, it gave an excuse to repost cute memories like this…

Not to mention the hilarious edits of Pokémon dancing to BTS songs.

So, if you saw “#CatchUsAllxBTS” or “#CatchUsAll” trending on Twitter, that’s what that was all about.

ARMYs had hoped BTS would even join the trend. Honestly, it would have been iconic.

If not changing to Pokémon, BTS’s shared account would have been perfect to be Ash Ketchum! Come on, BTS, it’s not too late.

Rather than get BTS’s attention, the official Pokémon accounts noticed…

Best yet, while ARMYs totally innocently originally meant to celebrate April Fools’ Day, they accidentally celebrated the 25th anniversary of the iconic anime Pokémon instead!

The classic anime was released on April 1, 1997! So, it really ended up looking like ARMY was honoring its anniversary.

This has to be one of the most iconic April Fools’ Days ever.

If that’s not funny enough already, it’s that ARMY began celebrating a day earlier. Used to KST for BTS, the “prank” began on March 31. Yet, BTS are in the United States.

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