BTS’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked… By Jimin

He kicked off April Fools’!

Since the BTS members all got their own Instagram accounts, it seems like their shared Twitter account has been forgotten…

Yet, ARMYs have fond members of the days BTS were active on Twitter, especially for April Fools’ Day. So, this year, ARMY attempted to get the members’ attention by changing all profile pictures to Pokémon, knowing everyone, especially leader RM is a fan.

They then realized that almost everyone is in the United States currently, so they would not be celebrating based on KST.

Of course, the thing about April Fools’ Day is that it is always best to catch someone when they least expect it. So, one member did just that to ARMY…

ARMYs were shook when they noticed the BTS account suddenly active. Not only that, but the profile picture, header, name, and bio were all changed! It’s no longer BTS’s shared account; it’s just Jimin‘s!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

It’s Just Park Jimin.

— Jimin’s bio

So, none other than Park Jimin himself had “hacked” BTS’s account. He even included an adorable baby photo as the profile picture! BRB, crying.

While Jimin rarely posts on Instagram, he has been having fun on the photo-sharing app, too, with his own account. He is officially the “father of BTS!”

| @j.m/Instagram

So, Jimin has overhauled both his own Instagram and the group’s Twitter… But, whether he wanted to or not, he couldn’t change Twitter back to normal. So, until one of the other members gets back in, it may stay this way for a hot minute. Who knows?

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

I don’t know how to change it back to how it was.
I just don’t.

— Jimin

ARMYs were shook to see the update. Some even thought Jimin had created his own Twitter account!

Others confessed that they thought BTS had really been hacked. We’re certainly glad that wasn’t the case!

Of course, this is a tradition for BTS to “hack” their own Twitter account. Read about previous years below:

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Source: @BTS_twt/Twitter

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