Here Are 8 Hilarious Pranks BTS Has Done For April Fools’ Day 

Check out what they did for this year!

Every year, the BTS members are up to no good on April Fools’ Day! ARMYs can always expect them to change up their Twitter layouts, impersonate other people, or post hilarious pictures. Check out some of their best pranks throughout the years below.

1. That time V completely took over

“Music is my life.”

2. When all of the duos made their own Twitter layouts

J-Hope and Suga once became “SOPE” during a live broadcast.

Meanwhile, the “Busan Guys” Jimin and Jungkook also had their turn!

Of course, who can forget this iconic moment with Jimin and Jin?

3. Jin and his lobster


4. When BTS’s animal counterparts took over

Jin as the llama…

…and RM as the fox!

5. Their recent Instagram shenanigans

Jimin and Jin got creative for 2022 and took the party over to Instagram!

6. When Suga literally became Sugar

This was a legendary era.

7. Impersonating various people

From BIGHIT’s Bang Si Hyuk…

…to their senior artist Lee Hyun…

…to producer Pdogg, no one was safe!

8. When Jimin posted this fake info about RM and Jin

Jimin spares no one during April Fools’ Day!