We Love You, Jin: 10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Jin Officially Enlisting In The Military

Check back on us in 2024.

BTS‘s Jin safely entered the Korean military on Tuesday, December 13 (KST), officially beginning his 18-month military service.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

While ARMYs prepared themselves ever since Korean media reported two months ago that he would be enlisting, the fandom is still very emotional as the first BTS member has enlisted. So, here are 10+ ARMY reactions to Jin officially enlisting…

1. Our adorable egg

2. Jin’s iconic farewell

3. It’s actually real.

4. Seven forever.

5. These fanarts got us in our feels.

6. Check on RM!

7. Our forever family…

8. They went from taking the maknae to school to taking the hyung to his military enlistment!

9. Jin’s hyung got us literally crying!

10. Please let this be one of his jokes.

11. The moon will always be with us.

12. December 13 is an easy day to get through.

13. J-Hope’s hyung

14. Let’s hope that they have some archived for the future!

15. They don’t understand.

16. What do you mean this is only the beginning?

17. Barnes & Noble knows what’s up.

18. The countdown is on.

19. We’ll be waiting for you always, Jin.


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