10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Feature In Beyoncé’s “Virgo Season Yearbook”

Legends supporting legends!

American singer and actress Beyoncé recently released the Virgo Season Yearbook on her website, and she included BTS‘s Jungkook in it! Fans of both were incredibly excited to see that Queen Bey is an ARMY too!

Here are 10+ ARMY reactions to Jungkook’s feature in Beyoncé’s Virgo Season Yearbook…

1. Now that Beyoncé is officially part of the ARMY…

2. Same, Beyoncé

3. The way this ARMY literally manifested this…

4. Okay, imagine if she and BTS collab…

5. Jungkook has every right to brag

6. Takes us back to this iconic edit of Jungkook performing “My Time”

7. You cant stop me; I’m Beyoncé!

8. ARMY x Beyhive collab

9. We stay winning despite the naysayers

10. Seriously, they got both ARMY and Beyhive behind them now, too, so…

11. Jungkook got both BTS and Bey serendaing him

12. It all comes full circle…


AND her producer confirmed that she’s heard my time 😁 ik jk shitting his pants rn #jungkook #jeonjungkook #beyonce #fyp

♬ Permission to Dance – BTS

13. All signs point to a collab

14. Jungkook and Beyoncé with those bestie vibes


this video is taking me out

♬ original sound – 💜

15. Icons

16. How we imagine the convo went down…

17. Mr. and Mrs. Carter 🥺

18. Jungkook dancing to Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love”

19. And here’s some more baby Kookie!

Source: Twitter