Here Are 20+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s White House Visit That Are Too Real

BTS at The Purple House?

On May 31, BTS visited The White House in Washington D.C, the U.S. capital, to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and speak on anti-Asian hate crimes, the importance of Asian inclusion, and more at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre‘s press briefing and in a private meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden. 

From left to right: BTS’s V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (center). | The White House/YouTube

It’s a historical moment for all involved, and ARMYs couldn’t be more proud of BTS. So, here are 20+ of the most relatable reactions to BTS’s White House visit…

1. Biggest flex for real

2. He’s really just like us.

3. He isn’t BTS’s main dancer for nothing.

4. Proud parent

5. Agust D made an appearance!

6. Korea’s Pride

7. Representation matters.

8. The reporter was ready to risk it all!

9. Those reporters were all whipped for BTS, and we can’t blame them.

10. Squad goals?

11. Our president

12. Soldier up!

13. We’re right there with our boys!

14. The only lawyer we trust

15. The President has tasteee.

16. Started from the bottom; now we here!

17. Suga is an instant meme, and for that, we stan.

18. The return of our Boss Baby!

19. The White House? More like The Purple House

20. The borahaefication of President Joe Biden

21. The real question that needed to be asked

22. OMG, BTS In the SOOP 3 looks incredible.

23. When a meme becomes a reality

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