10+ Relatable AF ARMY Reactions To “Fly BTS” Preview

Stan Bat-Tan Sonyeondan!

BTS recently announced an additional Run BTS! special episode. This time, the members are trying out flying yoga.

Here are 10+ relatable AF ARMY reactions…

1. Finally, there’s a reason to wake up on Tuesday.

2. Bat-Tan Sonyeondan’s debut

3. Sorry, we’re busy on Tuesday. We have therapy.

4. That idol image

5. Our favorite reactor

6. Setting this as our new ringtone

7. Good luck indeed, BTS!

8. Hyungs vs. Maknaes

9. The borahaefication of Biblically accurate angel

10. It’s all because of Jungkook…

11. Is this not literally the preview BIGHIT MUSIC released?

12. Jimin is coming to slay.

13. Jin caught himself?

14. Chaotic BTS is the best BTS!

Read more about the upcoming episode below.

BTS Tries Flying Yoga And Things Instantly Get Chaotic


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