ARMYs Believe That BTS Paved The Way For Other K-Pop Artists — Here Are 10+ Receipts As Supporting Proof, Your Honor

ARMYs believe that “BTS paved the way” and they have “proof” to back this up — what do you think?

Ever since global superstars BTS started to get accepted by the international audience in the United States…


…and subsequently, by the whole world…

…ARMYs have been expressing their belief that BTS helped “pave the way” for other K-Pop artists to be accepted by international fans, too.

As they described it, “paying the way” doesn’t mean being the “first” to do something. Rather, it means “doing it with an impact and helping others do it, too”.

And while some fandoms may disagree with what ARMYs are expressing, ARMYs decided to make this belief trend by posting several pieces of “proof” on social media platform Twitter.

Here are 10+ of the most convincing arguments that support the notion that BTS “paved the way” for other Korean entertainment artists in the industry:

1. Even YG Entertainment admitted BTS’s significant contribution

2. They helped create history

3. Worldwide domination

4. It’s included in an official document, after all

5. Fans believe other people are just in denial

6. ARMYBLINKs are thriving

7. The tea has been spilled

8. Patrick is judging the non-believers

9. ARMYs believe that BTS is a record-setter — everywhere they go!

10. It’s hard to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t have an open mind about the topic

11. It’s a good time to be an ARMYONCE today

12. The President has already spoken

13. The genre is BTS


At the end of the day, though, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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