BTS’s “I PURPLE YOU” Message To ARMYs Will Make You Say “I’m Soft, Don’t Touch Me!” — Here Are 10+ Receipts, Your Honor

We purple you.

BTS has such immense love for their fans, ARMYs, that their members have oftentimes mentioned their desire to be with ARMYs forever.

Their love for ARMYs made BTS invent their own way of expressing their sincere gratitude and care for their fans in the form of the message “I purple you”.


According to V, the message of “I purple you” means “I will trust and love you for a long time”.

And today, June 13, in the celebration of their anniversary, BTS members couldn’t help but express their love for ARMYs on WeVerse, in addition to their hour-long live show.


Naturally, ARMYs are extremely thrilled with BTS’s sincere affection and gratitude for them, so they turned to Twitter to post their most emotional reactions. Here are 10+ of them you can enjoy right now — with a pack of tissues, of course!

1. BTS has helped change millions of ARMYs’ lives for the better

2. We’re not crying, you are

3. Keep on holding on, BTS is with you, ARMYs

4. I Purple You = peak happiness

5. Such a touching gesture from the group’s maknae 

6. It’s a divine blessing

7. Thank you for existing, BTS

8. BTS is BTS because of ARMYs who unconditionally love them

9. ARMYs and BTS help bring out the best in each other

10. It’s more than just a color

11. If you didn’t cry while watching this, you’re lying

12. ARMYs are ready to walk forever with you

13. 7, 70, or even 700 years — ARMYs are ready to spend forever with BTS

Happy anniversary, BTS! We hope that you won’t cry anymore because you’re scared of the future — ARMYs will always be there for you, after all.

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