ARMYs Are Creating Multi-Fan Accounts Dedicated To BTS And International Celebrities

It’s a new trend on Twitter!

What do ARMYs do when there’s free time? You’d be surprised.

It’s been over 400 days now since BTS had a comeback. At least we had “Butter” in May 2021, followed by “Permission to Dance” in July.

Not to mention Run BTS! is still on hiatus

So, ARMYs are entertaining themselves until the BTS drought is over. The latest activity? Creating “multi-fan” accounts dedicated to BTS and other celebrities… Not just any celebrities. They’re not K-Pop idols but rather international, including some that we would rarely if ever, associate with BTS. Yet, here we are.

Some have even joked about making accounts dedicated to themselves and BTS. And, honestly… Why not?

There are certainly crazier and more bizarre accounts created…

Still, we have compiled a list of some of the more unbelievable and iconic accounts created during this period. So, here are 10+ accounts dedicated to both BTS and an unexpected international celeb…

1. BTS & Gordon Ramsay

This may seem really bizarre at first but hear us out…

You know these two would be besties IRL.

2. BTS & Drake

What makes this one stand out from the crowd? They’ve actually met before!

3. BTS & DJ Khaled

What do these two have in common? Obviously, they love a good collab…

Also, their fashion sense…

4. BTS & Pitbull

Mr. Worldwide meets Worldwide Handsome.

Like DJ Khaled, he and the members share(d) a similar style.

5. BTS & Robert Downey Jr.

BTS and RDJ!

You know this is Jungkook‘s favorite account now.

6. BTS & Rico Nasty

Well, specifically Agust D (Suga).

We need a collab now.

7. BTS & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Actor, wrestler, worldwide superstar, and…ARMY?

What do BTS and The Rock have in common? Clearly, they’re both so cool.

8. BTS & Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries actor with BTS? Yes, please.

Look at this cute content.

9. BTS & Shrek

Okay, we admit it… This is more on the bizarre side.

Like, we never expected to see these two photos side by side.

And there are even more accounts dedicated to this pairing.

10. BTS & Mike Wazowski

Shrek isn’t the only green guy.

We stan Mike Wazowski.

11. BTS & Lebron James

The Golden State WarriorsStephen Curry may have GOT7‘s BamBam, but the Los Angeles Lakers‘ Lebron James has BTS.

Still waiting for Suga vs. Lebron.

12. BTS & Gwen Stacy

You may know her as Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s love interest…

But she has a few things in common with BTS.

And she even met the group on SNL.

13. BTS & Beethoven

Both are legends in the music industry.

14. BTS & Princess Diana

Both royals.

And, they’re fashion icons.

15. BTS & Shah Rukh Khan

Both are quite beloved…

And both are experts at posing.

16. BTS & Willem Dafoe

Not only Gwen Stacy gets love, but even the Green Goblin himself.

These are both true artist-lovers!

17. BTS & Tom Hiddleston

And, we have our beloved god of mischief, Loki!

He’s full of love, just like BTS!

18. BTS & Ed Sheeran

BTS’s very own bestie can’t be forgotten.

We’re not saying we’re trendsetters, but…

Ed Sheeran And Giveon Low-Key Channeled BTS With Their Fashion Choices At The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

Keep in mind that not every account may truly be ARMY. Some accounts are simply phishing and ultimately get involved in cryptocurrency. So, be cautious online always.

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