BTS Reveal Who Their Best Friends Are, And ARMYs Are Heartbroken To Find Out It’s Not Them

Guess BTS are going to have to change their lyrics to “Got Halsey and Ed Sheeran right behind us when we say so.”

BTS recently participated in WIRED‘s “Autocomplete Interview” as they answered some of the internet’s most searched questions about the group.

One of the questions included, “Who is BTS’s best friend?” which is a question that many of us thought we knew the answer to. Well, we might have been very wrong.

BTS’s J-Hope | WIRED/YouTube

The majority of the fandom expected to hear the group simultaneously answer, “ARMY.” Previously, in an interview with Weverse Magazine, V said that he thought of the fans as his best friends.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and V (right) at a fansign

If not ARMY, maybe they would say themselves? BTS surely act like each other’s best friends.

BTS’s Jin | Noisey

However, both of these answers would have been wrong. Instead, V said, Ed Sheeran.” BTS have collaborated with Sheeran as he was one of the writers for their songs “Make It Right” and “Permission to Dance,” but they haven’t actually met yet!

| WIRED/YouTube

J-Hope added,Halsey!” Now, BTS and Halsey’s friendship goes way back. While Suga featured on her album Manic for “SUGA’s Interlude” and she featured on BTS’s song “Boy With Luv” for MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, they are all much more than just artistic collaborators.

Halsey and BTS have both visited each other anytime the other is in South Korea or the United States, respectively. She’s even gifted them friendship bracelets!

Many ARMYs are left in shock upon BTS’s answers to being asked who their best friend is. So, they’re doing as we all do when we experience any heartbreak… just letting out all of the pain on Twitter.

Like, we’re sorry, correct us if we’re wrong, but did RM say, “Got Halsey and Ed Sheeran right behind us when we say so” in “Butter.” No, no, he didn’t… He said, “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so,” so why are they switching up on us all of a sudden? Hmm?

The dudes ain’t loyal.😭✋

Watch the full interview below:

Source: WIRED


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