ARMYs Find 6 Most UWU Things About BTS’s Beloved After Party Picture

There is something to love in every corner of this picture.

BTS‘s cozy after party shot that swept Twitter off its feet has truly become ARMYs’ — and Heineken‘s — new favorite picture on the internet. It is not only the wholesome and genuine “family” vibe that the picture gives off which drives ARMYs head over heels in love. Here are six most “UWU” things ARMYs have spotted that makes the picture much more adorable!


1. Delivery Containers

Just like the rest of us, BTS don’t have the time for presentation when it comes to food. They may be perfectionists on stage — but at the dining table? They don’t mind eating out of the plastic containers in which the food was delivered. Who can wait for plating? Why wait?


2. Make-Do Sauce Cup

Looks like BTS failed in their search for a small sauce cup. Can the lack of an appropriately-sized sauce cup stop these superstars from celebrating though? No. These smartypants cut up a paper cup to use as a temporary sauce cup and moved on to celebrate. Talk about survival skills!


3. V’s Glove

No one knows what exactly V was doing seconds before this photograph was taken… but assuming from the single disposable glove on his right hand, he was probably going in for a drumstick. It’s official: The gloved way is the new way of eating chicken now.


4. J-Hope’s Camera On Stand-By

ARMYs love that J-Hope’s cellphone camera is on and ready to snap pictures of the moment of celebration. What was he going to snap? The food? The members? The members with food? When is it getting tweeted? Only time will tell.


5. 2017 Shot Glasses

ARMYs also realized that the soju shot glasses which Suga and Jin are holding aren’t just average shot glasses. While in a glance, they might look like regular pastel-colored shot glasses…

… they’re actually symbols of BTS’s army-love. Fans had sent in a set of these handmade soju shot glasses as gifts back in 2017! Like these ARMY-sent bowls of which the members make one hell of a use, these ARMY-sent glasses also have been well preserved and valued.


6. Swollen Jungkook

Surely, the members’ visuals captured in this photograph could easily blind ARMYs. The fans did notice, however, that Jungkook’s bunny eyes are slightly smaller than usual… and that’s most likely because he bawled his eyes out at the very final concert night. Puffy Jungkook definitely adds another million UWUs to this picture!

Source: THEQOO