ARMYs Are Unbelievably Thirsty For BTS’s Jungkook’s Tongue Technology — Here Are 20 Receipts, Your Honor

Jungkook’s tongue technology is “high-tech”, especially at #14.

There’s no denying that millions of ARMYs find BTS‘s Jungkook incredibly sexy.


Jungkook himself is a triple threat, after all.

His talents in performing, singing, dancing and even songwriting are some of the things that fans, including his fellow member admire about him.

Add his intensely appealing tattoos to the mix…

…and finish it off with Jungkook’s habit of randomly exposing his tongue, and you’ve got yourself millions of thirsty ARMYs who are not afraid to express their admiration for Jungkook’s visuals.

Here are the top 20 funniest thirst tweets about Jungkook’s tongue technology— and check out the bonus tweet in the end, because it’ll definitely make you thirsty, so prepare a drink in advance!

1. Sir, please, take pity on the people who are suffering

2. Ooops, he did it again

3. Just Jungkook in general, then?

4. The duality in this moment is unreal

5. Are you brave enough to admit this?

6. Lend them your ears for a moment

7. When will Big Hit drop this?

8. It’s the kind of content you didn’t know you need

9. Back where it belongs

10. Making ARMYs soft since 2013

11. Do you ever miss this combo?

12. And at that moment, you can ARMYs screaming worldwide

13. How could you focus on V if this is in front of you?

14. #relatable

15. Jungkook’s tongue, eye, nose, blood, sweat, tears–

16. What’s the reason?

17. Adorably sexy maknae

18. ARMYs have a lot of weaknesses, then?

19. Where’s the lie in this tweet?

20. Nice to meet you

Bonus: He knows exactly how flaming hot he is

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